1. Parts Lists and Pictures for Sea Maxx/ PCM engines
1.1. Tune Up Parts for your Sea Maxx, PCM Engine
This category will have lists for parts used in the tune up process of your Sea Maxx, PCM, Pleasurecraft Engine.
1.1.1. 4140 Tune UP Parts, Mitsubishi Engine

PCM Model 4140 Quick Reference Parts List
Filters, Thermostat Water Pumps
Oil Filter: R077005 Circ Pump RA057016
Thermostat: R026004 Circ Pump Gasket RM0173
Thermostat Gasket RM0137 Raw Water Pump RA057013
PCV Valve:  R035017 Impeller


Sending Units
Ignition Parts Single Station Twin Station
Coil R117003 Oil Pres. Sender R02001 R020006
Ballast Resistor R119002 Water Temp Sender R02009 R020011
Distributor Cap R108004
Condensor R115001 Belts
Rotor R103001 Raw Water Pump R066017
Points R114001 Alternator Std R066018
Spark Plugs RP030004 Alternator, Jet Drive R066019
Spark Plug Wires RA121037
Incl. Cap, rotor, points cond. RP173031

1.2. Detailed Parts Breakdown for PCM & Velvet Drive Gears
1.2.1. Parts breakdown for 1:1 direct drive 10-17, 71C, 72C, gear
1.2.2. Parts breakdown for the 1.52:1 reduction gear
1.2.3. Parts breakdown for the 10-17; 10-18; 71C; 72C 1.88 or 1.91 Velvet Drive Reduction Gear
1.2.4. Parts breakdown for the PCM Gear Case & Adapter
1.2.5. Parts breakdown for the PCM 1:1 Rear Section
1.2.6. Parts breakdown for the PCM reduction gear
1.3. Breakdown of Engine and Transmission Mounts for PCM/Sea Maxx Engines

1.4. Manifolds, Risers, Gaskets, & Harware for PCM/Sea Maxx
1.5. Raw Water Cooling System for Ford Engines
1.6. Fresh Water Cooling System for Ford Engines
1.7. Fresh Water Cooling for Sea Maxx Chevy Engines
1.8. Fresh Water Cooling System for Chevy Engines Rear Mount Exchanger